Space Tech Expo 2021Space Tech Expo was held the week of October 4th at the Convention Center in Long Beach, California. It was refreshing to attend an in-person show after the pandemic shutdowns forced these types of events to closure. It was fairly well attended by level 2 and 3 vendors specializing in components used in the construction of satellites and launch vehicles, but only lightly attended by consumers of these goods and services. This mix of attendees is understandable given the expo had stiff competition that fell on the same week; Satellite Innovation 2021 was held in California, and the USGIF GEOINT Symposium was held in Missouri. It definitely appears that the Satellite Innovation show most likely nabbed most of the crowd that may have attended the Expo had it been better timed.

Present companies were focused on providing goods and services to the space vehicle manufacturing industry. There were only a few companies in attendance that provide goods and services to the spacecraft test market, Pickering Interfaces being one of those.

In talking with a few contacts at the Expo, almost all conversations turned to Pickering’s cable engineering and manufacturing capabilities. Customers showed curiosity in our switching capabilities and plan to reach out to us on those products, but there seems to be significant interest in the outsourcing of cable design and manufacturing not only for the build-up of space-related test equipment but also for operational ground and flight cables. This makes sense as most companies are keenly interested in Pickering’s ability to solve complex technical problems.

My observation is that Pickering is known for our switching capabilities, but customer demand is looking for solutions that are more difficult to solve. Cable design and integration, along with other more complex modules such as our simulation modules, pique the interest of young engineers as they help to solve more complex requirements of space vehicle test.

We will continue to follow this market interest to see if there is a trend in the space market segment.